Ukunda Mission School graduation 2021

On Friday, March 12, 2021, I participated in the graduation of twenty newly trained missionaries at Ukuna Missions School (UMS), Ukunda, Kenya. Because of our delay in getting a visa, I arrived at 11:30 AM to speak at the graduation.

The graduation was a glorious celebration of what God had done in transforming the lives of twenty people into focused missionaries/leaders eager to enter the harvest field.

As I looked over the graduates and faculty, I praised God for this Ukuna Missions School culture where students spend hours each day at the feet of Jesus, worshipping Him, praying for his anointing, direction, and empowerment.

Over the years, many students at UMS have testified: “Here at UMS is where I learned to hear the voice of God; here is where I learned to place my life on the altar and to allow the fire of God to burn away my fear of man, my lusts of the flesh and my unbelief and my love of money.”

Following graduation, I met with approximately 20 missionaries who had trained at UMS at some point over the last seven years since the beginning of the school. These men and women are now working at one of five stations along the coast of the Indian Ocean, from Somalia down to Tanzania.

These missionaries daily share the Gospel in Muslim communities. They develop house fellowships; they go door to door with the Gospel; they see the Spirit move in healings, deliverances, and salvation. They develop strategies for community change.

As I reflected on my experience with the students and missionaries, I realized that Ukuna Missions School is training missionaries and training cultural change agents who bring a new level of integrity and life into communities that have been fraught with fraud, witchcraft, and despair. In a world where there is gathering darkness, Resurrection life is spreading in East Africa because of God’s anointing on the lives of Ukuna Missions School students and missionaries.

I praise God for the opportunity to participate in this move of God.

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