Missionary Benjamin's testimony

Hello there! My Name is Benjamin, and I joined Ukunda Mission School in 2014 when I began my training. Afterward, I was sent to serve at the Ukunda Base. Although I have been a missionary for the last five years, it was not an easy path for a family man like myself, who is supposed to uphold the role of family breadwinner as a husband and the father of three sons.

I thank God, who has faithfully seen my family through various difficult situations and watched over my firstborn son, who has now completed his high school education.

My approach to missionary work was a bit different when I saw hostility in some local communities. These people could not accept us, and I realised the importance of establishing a good relationship before introducing the community that I was assigned to (a Muslim dominated community) to the Gospel. I involved myself in community projects, such as one project where we were drilling boreholes. Through this project, I was able to interact and share the love of Christ with the community. During these periods, I have seen the Lord touching many Muslims' lives so much that there is now an open door from which to share the Gospel. I have provided water to the community by drilling at least two boreholes. I regularly train community members on how they can do kitchen farming and treat their livestock.

I have witnessed great testimonies, and I can share two people in particular who were paralyzed. After prayers, they started walking without any support from others and the help of walking sticks. I have witnessed others delivered from evil spirits, which solidifies my appreciation to God for the grace He has given me and for allowing me to make a difference. For now, I have Discovery Bible Studies going on in various homes, which I organize on a weekly basis. Glory to Jesus.  

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