Missionary Sophia's testimony

My name is Sophia. I have served as a missionary at Ukunda Mission School (UMS) for the last four years. Although I chose this path, it was not an easy one. God's grace has been sufficient. After my training, I was posted to East Africa to do mission work.

In that community, we were reaching out to the Ormas and the Pokomo people. The Orma people are radical Muslims, but we thank God for the boldness to reach out to them, for we saw some come to Christ and we were able to start Discovery Bible Studies with them. Beyond the door-to-door and Discovery Bible Studies, I also felt the Lord leading me to empower pastors in the local churches. This has opened a door for me to preach in the services.

After a year, I relocated to a different area, where I am currently reaching out to the Arabs and the Mijikenda Community. Initially, the spiritual atmosphere was a challenge to break as there was so much witchcraft practice and people had become accustomed to setting their faith on traditionalist ideals.

After months of prayer, we have witnessed many come to the Lord, delivered from the powers of darkness. We have baptized many. The Lord has also opened the door to reach out to the police administration, schools, and prisons in the area. To God be the Glory.

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