Missionary Aryan's testimony

Greetings! My name is Aryan. I grew up as a Muslim, and I became an Islamic teacher and leader. My parents were Muslims but were also traditionalist witch doctors. I did not feel much spiritual guidance from them. So I turned for guidance to Islam.

I fervently practiced Islam. I regularly went to the mosque to pray. I attended the madrasa, the Islamic school for instruction in Islamic law. I was an intensely dedicated student.

I memorized the Koran. I grew deeper in my faith in Islam. My religious teachers became fond of me because of my hard work. I graduated from madrasa, and I became a madrasa teacher.

Later I was attracted to a young woman who was from a Christian background. Her parents were reluctant to allow her to marry into a family known in the area to be witch doctors. But after she got pregnant with our first child, they accepted her decision to get married.

Now, I look back, and I see how God was working in my life even though I was not following Jesus. My wife was strong in her Christian faith, and she would never agree to convert to Islam; instead, she continued to pray for me to know the truth.

I must confess that when I married her, I felt a peace in our home, which is something I had never experienced while living with my parents. Despite this sense of peace, I resisted conversion to Christianity. However, I became quite ill. I became blind from the illness, and I develop sores all over my legs and feet. This was a time of absolute crisis for my family and me.

I prayed several times in the mosque for my condition, but it did not improve. I got angry with Allah, and I started doubting if he were God. I said, "If he exists, why is he not answering my prayers?" At that point, I stopped going to the mosque.

My wife nursed me and continuously prayed for me. And God answered her prayers, and I was healed.

A few weeks after my healing, some missionaries from Ukunda Mission School were evangelizing in our area. They came to our home and prayed over us. At that moment, I was convinced that I needed to give my life to Christ.

When I decided to follow Jesus Christ, my whole life changed. I started hearing the voice of God, something I had never experienced before. I loved my new life in Christ. Muslim religious leaders learned of my conversion, and they made threats against me. However, I stood my ground.

I committed myself to read the Bible and to pray. I grew in my understanding and faith. I became convinced I needed to be taught in God's word. So after several months of personal study, I joined the Ukunda Mission School.

My faith grew through my training at Ukunda Mission School. While training in the school, I received my calling to take the Gospel to my Muslim people. My heart is to reach many people. I especially want to reach the Islamic leaders, because I was once an Islamic leader, and I know how they think and how much they need the Gospel. And I see the influence they have.

I am now working as a missionary under Ukunda Missions School, which is under Overcomers Mission Schools. I am currently evangelizing in an Islamic area in East Africa, where I was sent after my missionary training. The area is prone to drought, flooding, and ethnic conflict and violence surrounding access to water. I thank God that I am able to take the Gospel to my people.

I am praying that God will raise up many Muslim Background Believers (MBB) who come to know that Jesus has the answer to their longings. I praise God for the Ukunda Missions School because there I was grounded in my faith, equipped for missions, and released as a laborer in God's great harvest field.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I welcome you to pray beside me that the Lord will grant me the boldness to share his word with my people.

To God, be all Glory!

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