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Tanga Missions School is a missionary training school located in an Islamic region of Tanzania. The director of TMS, Ken Ngoje, was a student in the first class of Ukunda Mission School in 2014. While at UMS, Ken received a call from God to start a school similar to UMS in Tanzania. Missionaries are now being trained at TMS and sent into the Islamic communities of Tanzania.

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Missions at TMS

Missonary trip to Mafia Island, Tanzania

We would like to share with you our mission trip to Mafia Island, Zanzibar. Ten TMS students and three teachers camped on the Island for ten days, reaching out to people in homes and in the streets in four small teams.

At the end of the trip about seventeen people confessed Jesus as their savior, many received healings and left doors open for our teams to return and preach the gospel.

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Experiences at our schools

In the few months I have been here in the school, I have been challenged in my leadership capacity, and I thank God for this, as it has helped me build my skill set. I know God is doing this for His Glory. My focus is on Somalia and Arab nations to see that they know the saving power of God.

Robert, missionary at Ukunda Missions School

Experiences at our schools

I joined UMS for the 2018-2019 class. After the training, I went into the mission field, where I have been working with the Digo community. Our breakthrough came when we continued to expose the community to prayer. We held door-to-door sessions and DBS where God confirmed He was with us through the testimonies we experienced in the field.

Esther, missionary at Ukunda Missions School

Experiences at our schools

I have witnessed great testimonies, and I can share two people in particular who were paralyzed. After prayers, they started walking. I have witnessed others delivered from evil spirits, which solidifies my appreciation to God for the grace He has given me and for allowing me to make a difference.

Benjamin, missionary at Ukunda Missions School

Experiences at our schools

My life was utterly transformed at TMS. Teachers came from numerous countries with great teachings, such as the tribune of God, spiritual warfare, Holy Spirit filling, knowing your calling, and much more. This experience has given me the boldness to serve Christ and has also made me understand the profound power of God's saving grace.

Francis, missionary at Tanga Missions School

Experiences at our schools

My faith grew through my training at UMS. While training in the school, I received my calling to take the Gospel to my Muslim people. My heart is to reach many people. I especially want to reach the Islamic leaders, because I was once an Islamic leader, and I know how they think and how much they need the Gospel.

Aryan, missionary at Ukunda Missions School

Experiences at our schools

During my time in the school, my life was entirely changed by the morning prayers and worship sessions led by Pastor Katana and various other teachers. My love for Christ was significantly increased, and I was able to allow ambitions about my life to die and the will of God to prevail.

Martin, missionary at Ukunda Missions School

Experiences at our schools

The UMS training was everything I had hoped for. After my graduation, I was sent to Kilifi, a Muslim-dominated area. I thank God for equipping me with such vast knowledge since the region represented a significant challenge. God helped me to establish DBS with several families, opened the doors in local churches, and to reach out to the Muslim community.

Allan, missionary at Ukunda Missions School

Experiences at our schools

We experienced a powerful time in the presence of God during Altar Week. The Lord spoke to each student about different aspects of their lives which He wanted to transform. Our students eagerly listened to where God would take them in the coming years, and what their ministry would be like.

Cynthia, administrator at ALMA