Instant healing that opened a door in Maweni

Across the city, Obadiah and Eleazar, two of our missionary students, were led to an estate within Tanga City called Maweni, which literally means 'a rocky place'. Their goal was to minister to the local prison, but they could not enter due to COVID-19 restrictions. Obadiah and Eleazar ended up ministering in an adjacent village instead.

Though they could commute there daily, they chose to stay at a friendly home that offered to host them. As Obadiah and Eleazar were ministering from house to house, they encountered a home owned by a Muslim couple. The wife was very sick and had been for several days. She was being taken care of by her sister, as her Arab husband lives in the Middle East.  

She welcomed the prayers after sharing the Gospel, and she was relieved of pain. Obadiah and Eleazar left to continue with evangelism.

When it was getting dark, they received a call from the same lady asking about their whereabouts. She informed them that she would accommodate them for the entire week. She turned out to be a woman of peace, not just by her hospitality but by introducing them to her neighbors. Every evening they would have prayer sessions with a group of six to eight adults. The lady was healed and resumed her duties.  

We are again grateful for the power of the Gospel!

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