TMS report: missions workshop

We recently concluded our seven-day mission workshop at our Tanga Mission School. The main goals and expectations for these workshops are for our students to join their teachers in the field and to experience the practical side of DBS (Discovery Bible Study), including worship and prayer.

The first day was an exceptionally fruitful one. Our first stop was in Mleni village, where one of our students serves at a church. We had just started our prayer walk when several elders approached us, giving testimonies of villagers that were possessed with demons, asking us for help.

One of them, a Muslim woman, invited us into her home, desperate for us to help her demon-possessed daughter. We first prayed for the woman and shared the gospel before entering her daughters' room. The room was small, isolated, and dirty. The woman explained that her daughter had not spoken in one year and had several violent episodes while uttering words no one could understand.

Moved with compassion, our students laid hands on her daughter, intensely praying, trying to cast out her demons. Suddenly, her daughter started screaming while throwing her self to the ground. This alerted several neighbors, and it took all of us to contain her for safety. After about 30 minutes of holding her down, she became peaceful and stared at us as if she had just awoken from a nightmare.

And awake she was. Her eyes had cleared up, her body was calm, and she started talking in her native language. She had no idea what had happened in the last two hours or in the past year. Her demons had left! By that time, her house was surrounded by other members of the village, watching with amazement. That very moment led several villagers to ask to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

We were exhausted, but it was a glorious, spirit-filled day providing all of us with a Christ-led experience!

May all the glory and honor be unto God.

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