The Lord says: 'Cling to me!'

I had a dream this morning. I was part of a convention with a breakout session of which I was in charge. I was not prepared; I was not adequate for the topic. I was actually making plans on my way into the convention room as to what I would be saying. I saw people making decisions about where they would go, and I knew that no wise person would choose my session, and anybody who came would be disappointed.

I’ve had this kind of dream periodically before. After I awoke, I said to God: “I’m tired of this kind of dream; please show me what it’s about; why I continually have these dreams.”

I asked for a scripture, and He gave me Jeremiah 13. I said to myself. “I’m certain there’s nothing in Jeremiah 13 for me.” However, when I read the passage, it was indeed for me.

God told Jeremiah to buy a linen girdle and put it on his waist. Then He told him to take that girdle and bury it near the Euphrates, quite some distance away. Jeremiah buried it, and after some time, God told him to go back and get the girdle. He retrieved it and discovered it was useless, disintegrated.

God said to him, “That’s what happened to my people Israel. I intended them to be a beautiful girdle around my waist. I intended them to cling to me, but they’ve turned away from me, and they’ve become useless.”

I immediately saw what God was saying to me, “The anxiety about your identity and performance are related to the disintegration of things you are trying to do and be apart from me. Don’t even try to be somebody important or to do something of great note. Cling to me, and I’ll show you what to do and how to do it. I made you cling to me. So cling to me!”

“Cling to me like Esther, your less than one-year-old granddaughter clings to her mother. She clings despite distractions. She clings despite the inviting sounds, gesticulations, and facial contortions of well-meaning relatives. She lets nothing pull her away. She clings with passionate and loving intensity. She has nothing she wants to cling to apart from her mother.

So, cling to me!"

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