Altar Week at ALMA

This week at ALMA, our students started their second Altar Week of the year. This entire week is given to prayer and fasting, from morning to night. Students ask God to give them clear directions for the future; they ask him to deal with any issues in their lives which He wants to burn away because those issues are keeping them from fulfilling His purposes for them.

We experienced a powerful time in the presence of God in this Altar Week. The Lord spoke to each student about different aspects of their lives which He wanted to transform. Our students eagerly listened to where God would take them in the coming years, and what their ministry would be like.

Finance class

Learning to handle the financial aspects of ministry is important for students. On October 16th, we had our first finance class with Professor Delbert Warkentin from the city of Filadelfia. In this class, the students learned the concepts of fundraising for their respective future ministries. During the week of October 25-29, they continued the finance class with Pastors Anton and Lolita Harder and learned more about good practices in ​​finance.

Students minister healing

Romana had an affliction in her throat. We prayed for Romina’s life. God healed her completely! Faith is rising! Glory be to God!

Students approach end of training

Our students have been renewed and inspired as they continue to see the hand of God in each step they take. The students will finish their training in the 6 weeks left for this period of 2021.

Students celebrate God’s goodness

We closed this Altar Week with a glorious celebration of everything that God has done in our lives: the word that God spoke. Each student gave a testimony of the greatness of God in their lives this past year.

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